Meet the Undisputed Queen of Eiderdown Pop -
Debbie Detox


  • Artist: Debbie Detox
  • Title: Duvet Day
  • Release: Single


"If you only listen to one duvet-based pop song this year, make it this one! Discovered by legendary producer and engineer, Stuart Epps (Elton John; Twisted Sister; Led Zeppelin), DebbieDetox is a guru for health, happiness, well-being and self-belief and has embraced a life of positivity which many would do well to tap into. Duvet Day has become something of an anthem for her campaign to promote positivity in the face of a world which often does its best to bring you down. A gold-plated earworm, you're going to have Duvet Day stuck in your head for weeks after just one listen.


DebbieDetox (a registered trademark) is the most up-beat person you could possibly meet and her life has seen her working in various areas of the health sector, gaining a deep understanding of what makes both a healthy body and a healthy mind. With a Masters in Exercise and Nutrition, she is a staunch environmentalist, loves animals and is vegan. Duvet Day is Debbie's message to anyone weighed down with problems to take the time to look after yourself so that ultimately the rest of the world benefits!


Duvet Day will resonate with anyone who experiences that Monday Morning Feeling (on any day of the week!) as well as students, children and those looking for some light relief from the world's woes". (Quite Great)


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